norio matsubaraNorio Matsubara is a former racing driver who raced for a number of years in Brazil. Currently, he’s continued working in his the soccer industry through his family’s business,┬áSociedade Esportiva Matsubara. Growing up on his family’s cotton plantation in Brazil, the people working for them would often come together to play kick around games of soccer. As time went on, the kick around games grew into bigger tournaments and the team was soon winning small division championships. As they developed their skills further and won the first division championship, Norio’s father purchased the team in 1974 and founded Sociedade Esportive Matsubara, otherwise known simply as Matsubara.

Team Matsubara took off, and soon, Norio Matsubara’s father was approached by a rival team’s coach with a plan to start a tournament center focused on helping young players hone and develop their skills. They decided to build beautiful and expansive centers where they could focus on these players and help them grow and develop.

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